The Ringing Bells of Resurrection !!

If you want something in life just go and grab it. Into the wild was one of the awe-inspiring movies i have ever seen. I wish i could live the life of alexander supertramp. But no all i have to deal is with mediocracy and hypocrisy. we are so caught in this everlasting web of bondings.

well leaving the philo aside my last two days have been simply null. well its such a cliche and so stereotypical of me. This Positive-negative feedback sometimes amazes me. Even if i literally know the ramifications of my procrastinating behaviour at this juncture i simply dont care. Coming to the statistics i started reviewing cardio from yest mornin but i am still not over with it. well ya blah blah i know its not something new for any of us.

Mind, no matter how much you introspect and make him understand he will walk his own way subconsciously. The ringing bells of resurrection, Huh that was random. But in real sense the bells are ringing loud and clear but its me who has kept his ears closed. I am so privileged to be part of such institution who understands my slothy nature and gives me enough time to rekindle myself. Hope i wont let it down.

Time for some serious work. I know i am so mundane at all this. But again who cares. I will overcome some day. ahem. 🙂 Thats enough of scribbling today. God bless me with some wisdom. Amen

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The Happenings !!

I am pretty amateur at blogs. But whats wrong with starting one. Now the prob is that what should it be about. i reckon it would be pretty easy for me to start writing about the current happenings. well i am literally living on the edge these days. They say if you literally hate yourself than you should be a medical student. Last six months have been the ugliest of all. Our Block posting started from the month of jan and since then there has been no respite. Life has shown me whole lot of paradoxes this year too. whether the good ones the bad ones and the ugly ones. Have some mercy the omnipotent GOD. well cutting all the twaddle and coming back to the present. I am about to finish my grad in a few months minus the internship. so the bottom line is i am at the point of a major transcendence. I am already finished with the theory part. Vivas, OSCE, Short and Long case resumes from the 6 next. I reckon i have still a lot of time to cover the odds. Resuming my preparation from today the next blogs will be how i pass through these despising times. Btw the page title suggests that i might be writing here about the M Night Shyamalan movie. LoL i am not that much whacked yet 😛

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